Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Hear Arapahoe Singing

Think about what you and your partner analyzed today while reading Walt Whitman's poem "I Hear America Singing."

As a class, we're going to compose our own version of "I Hear America Singing"; our version is called, "I Hear Arapahoe Singing."

Please add your own verse in your own voice to this poem. You can add a single line, or you can add an entire stanza. The tone is up to you.


Monday, February 2, 2009

PW Live Blogging: Chapters 17-19!

My suggestion for the day: Don't be afraid to ask questions. The book has become fast-paced and somewhat confusing. Clarification is a necessary first step before you can make a strong analysis. I still want to see and hear your thoughtful interpretations, but make sure you understand what's actually happening in these chapters (and any preceding chapters that are still plaguing you with confusion).

Enjoy! You're almost to the very best part--the end!